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Learn about the Burdock Plant

Burdock plants pre-flowering stage

Burdock plants

Burdock flowers

Burdock Flowers

Burdock leaves rosette on ground, first year growth

Burdock plant in April



Arctium Lappa, Arctium Minus

 Burdock is best known for its giant, rhubarb-like leaves and round, sticky Cockleburs, said to have inspired the invention of Velcro (™). Often found growing in pastures, burs are nuisances that tangle themselves in the fur of livestock, and pets.

Burdock is one of the most utilized detoxifying herbs in both Chinese and Western herbal medicine. It is known as a “blood purifier” and tonic. Burdock Root is used medicinally as an infusion (tea), a tincture, and in capsules as well as cooked as a vegetable. Supplementation with Burdock root has shown positive effects in the treatment of acne especially of inflammatory type. The oil from Burdock seeds has been shown to have anti-aging properties in skin care.

Burdock leaves can be used as a poultice or made into a salve for irritated skin.  They are said to be helpful with fever when laid across the forehead.

If you are patient enough to remove seeds from their sticky coatings, you could grind them very fine, add some good oil, and use for an anti-aging, anti-acne body scrub. You could even add some of the mashed roots as well. Use right away or store in your refrigerator no more than a few days. Oils tend to turn rancid fast when you add plant material that is not completely dry.

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