Wild Herbs Intro

© Karen Bergeron Alternative Nature Online Herbal 2021.    Volume 1 March 2021

           When you look at your yard in Spring, do you see unwanted weeds? Or do you see food and medicine? Most of these common medicinal plants will grow anywhere that they are allowed to and require no special care from you. Common weeds have been used throughout history to help heal wounds, ease itches, bites, stings, upset stomachs, colds and more as well as providing tasty roots, salad greens, and refreshing beverages. Take another look at the wild plants that grow around us, and you will see a supermarket and medicine chest from Nature right at your feet!

There is another advantage to knowing your early spring weeds. Many of these plants are very bee friendly and give our little buzzing friends something to tie them over until other plants are blooming!

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